Top 100 Credit Unions in the U.S. » ranked by Number of Branches and Total Assets

Credit Unions Ranked by Number of Branches

Financial Institution
# of Branches
1. State Employees' Credit Union254
2. Navy Federal Credit Union230
3. America First Federal Credit Union110
4. Mountain America Federal Credit Union82
5. Security Service Federal Credit Union72
6. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union70
7. Suncoast Credit Union58
8. Space Coast Credit Union56
9. Members 1st Federal Credit Union52
10. Teachers Credit Union51
11. Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union51
12. Desert Schools Federal Credit Union48
13. State Employees Federal Credit Union46
14. SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union45
15. VyStar Credit Union45
16. Chartway Federal Credit Union44
17. Boeing Employees Credit Union43
18. American Airlines Federal Credit Union41
19. Patelco Credit Union41
20. Visions Federal Credit Union40
21. First Technology Federal Credit Union40
22. Texas Dow Employees Credit Union40
23. Lake Michigan Credit Union39
24. Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union38
25. Fairwinds Credit Union38
26. San Diego County Credit Union37
27. MIDFLORIDA Credit Union37
28. Kinecta Federal Credit Union35
29. Bethpage Federal Credit Union33
30. ORNL Federal Credit Union32
31. Landmark Credit Union32
32. First Community Credit Union32
33. Baxter Credit Union31
34. Western Federal Credit Union30
35. Service Credit Union30
36. Anheuser-Busch Employees Credit Union29
37. Public Service Employees Credit Union29
38. Summit Credit Union29
39. CommunityAmerica Credit Union29
40. First Community Credit Union29
41. Tinker Federal Credit Union29
42. American Heritage Federal Credit Union28
43. Mission Federal Credit Union28
44. Truliant Federal Credit Union28
45. DFCU Financial28
46. Genisys Credit Union28
47. Grow Financial Federal Credit Union28
48. Founders Federal Credit Union27
49. Associated Credit Union Credit Union27
50. Idaho Central Credit Union27
51. Ent Credit Union27
52. Pentagon Federal Credit Union26
53. Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union26
54. Self-Help Federal Credit Union26
55. Partners 1st Federal Credit Union26
56. Teachers Federal Credit Union26
57. OnPoint Community Credit Union26
58. Veridian Credit Union26
59. Wright-Patt Credit Union26
60. Indiana Members Credit Union26
61. Goldenwest Federal Credit Union25
62. Alabama Credit Union25
63. Delta Community Credit Union25
64. Eastman Credit Union25
65. Digital Federal Credit Union24
66. United Federal Credit Union24
67. Redstone Federal Credit Union24
68. Advia Credit Union24
69. University of Wisconsin Credit Union24
70. Community First Credit Union24
71. Royal Credit Union24
72. Citizens Equity First Credit Union24
73. Justice Federal Credit Union23
74. State Farm Federal Credit Union23
75. Austin Telco Federal Credit Union23
76. SAC Federal Credit Union23
77. AllSouth Federal Credit Union23
78. Operating Engineers Local Union #3 Federal Credit Union23
79. Lake Trust Credit Union23
80. Sound Credit Union23
81. California Coast Credit Union23
82. Capital Credit Union23
83. Wings Financial Credit Union23
84. GTE Federal Credit Union22
85. Empower Federal Credit Union22
86. Red River Employees Federal Credit Union22
87. Allegacy Federal Credit Union22
88. Trumark Financial Credit Union Merged22
89. SECU Credit Union22
90. Wescom Central Credit Union22
91. TwinStar Credit Union22
92. Centra Credit Union22
93. Travis Credit Union22
94. Bellco Credit Union22
95. Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union21
96. Denali Federal Credit Union21
97. Family Security Credit Union21
98. Arizona State Credit Union21
99. Smart Financial Credit Union21
100. Apple Federal Credit Union21

Credit Unions Ranked by Total Assets

Financial Institution
Total Assets
1. Navy Federal Credit Union$63,632,027,594
2. State Employees' Credit Union$29,477,543,683
3. Pentagon Federal Credit Union$17,796,419,105
4. Boeing Employees Credit Union$13,050,764,545
5. SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union$10,685,617,156
6. The Golden 1 Credit Union$8,800,995,877
7. Security Service Federal Credit Union$8,306,658,956
8. Alliant Credit Union$8,131,821,537
9. First Technology Federal Credit Union$7,342,465,830
10. Star One Credit Union$7,200,519,635
11. San Diego County Credit Union$6,730,516,805
12. America First Federal Credit Union$6,387,666,084
13. Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union$6,283,652,557
14. Suncoast Credit Union$5,990,779,562
15. Digital Federal Credit Union$5,967,940,533
16. Bethpage Federal Credit Union$5,831,677,307
17. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union$5,725,000,620
18. American Airlines Federal Credit Union$5,629,251,273
19. VyStar Credit Union$5,266,240,908
20. Teachers Federal Credit Union$5,023,914,001
21. ESL Federal Credit Union$5,015,805,173
22. Citizens Equity First Credit Union$5,007,422,521
23. Delta Community Credit Union$4,663,901,218
24. Police & Fire Federal Credit Union$4,319,735,799
25. Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union$4,201,039,477
26. Patelco Credit Union$4,195,903,378
27. United Nations Federal Credit Union$4,190,313,681
28. Mountain America Federal Credit Union$4,185,567,131
29. Ent Credit Union$4,071,121,114
30. Wings Financial Credit Union$4,056,408,342
31. Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union$4,044,417,020
32. Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union$4,013,461,001
33. Logix Federal Credit Union$3,950,093,226
34. State Farm Federal Credit Union$3,894,964,372
35. Redstone Federal Credit Union$3,744,190,658
36. DFCU Financial$3,743,633,591
37. Kinecta Federal Credit Union$3,599,797,760
38. Desert Schools Federal Credit Union$3,575,168,138
39. OnPoint Community Credit Union$3,559,804,327
40. Lake Michigan Credit Union$3,540,517,747
41. Eastman Credit Union$3,500,000,000
42. Visions Federal Credit Union$3,393,007,124
43. Tinker Federal Credit Union$3,264,521,611
44. Space Coast Credit Union$3,259,612,316
45. Wright-Patt Credit Union$2,989,777,254
46. State Employees Federal Credit Union$2,840,036,991
47. SECU Credit Union$2,801,596,482
48. Wescom Central Credit Union$2,792,742,230
49. Michigan State University Federal Credit Union$2,775,045,814
50. Members 1st Federal Credit Union$2,767,339,111
51. San Antonio Federal Credit Union$2,761,041,506
52. Bellco Credit Union$2,738,746,371
53. Virginia Credit Union$2,681,181,830
54. Northwest Federal Credit Union$2,664,575,895
55. Teachers Credit Union$2,650,461,445
56. Tower Federal Credit Union$2,642,432,049
57. Veridian Credit Union$2,640,538,050
58. Landmark Credit Union$2,635,874,364
59. Mission Federal Credit Union$2,608,082,435
60. University of Iowa Community Credit Union$2,595,752,679
61. Service Credit Union$2,539,043,113
62. Chevron Federal Credit Union$2,499,140,066
63. APCO Employees Credit Union$2,496,951,037
64. Redwood Credit Union$2,471,335,612
65. Texas Dow Employees Credit Union$2,430,226,806
66. Coastal Federal Credit Union$2,421,679,563
67. Travis Credit Union$2,302,178,774
68. Educational Employees Credit Union$2,285,438,103
69. Affinity Federal Credit Union$2,271,348,608
70. Wellby Financial$2,248,026,726
71. Navy Army Community Credit Union$2,247,270,292
72. Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union$2,226,547,916
73. Keesler Federal Credit Union$2,218,206,353
74. Washington State Employees Credit Union$2,217,436,664
75. SAFE Credit Union$2,145,354,650
76. Citadel Federal Credit Union$2,143,879,678
77. GECU$2,115,069,970
78. Baxter Credit Union$2,107,750,564
79. Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union$2,102,912,784
80. Municipal Credit Union$2,096,409,712
81. Melrose Credit Union$2,088,929,745
82. MIDFLORIDA Credit Union$2,082,659,813
83. Summit Credit Union$2,076,034,803
84. Community First Credit Union$2,075,215,892
85. General Electric Credit Union$2,062,881,151
86. Chartway Federal Credit Union$2,047,499,322
87. Atlanta Postal Credit Union$2,038,646,395
88. Grow Financial Federal Credit Union$2,035,146,627
89. Provident Credit Union$2,032,003,563
90. Western Federal Credit Union$2,028,213,096
91. Spokane Teachers Credit Union$2,018,708,573
92. Apple Federal Credit Union$2,015,055,116
93. CommunityAmerica Credit Union$1,988,059,195
94. First Community Credit Union$1,984,055,026
95. Robins Federal Credit Union$1,953,066,091
96. Langley Federal Credit Union$1,931,705,887
97. Merck Employees Federal Credit Union$1,882,344,537
98. University of Wisconsin Credit Union$1,858,668,400
99. Idaho Central Credit Union$1,853,241,094
100. California Coast Credit Union$1,850,281,127