Capital One Bank

138-142 Central Avenue, Westfield, NJ

Westfield Branch
5.5/10 24 Ratings
 138-142 Central Avenue
 Westfield, NJ 07090
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Lobby Hours
Mon:10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Tue:10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Wed:10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Thu:10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Fri:10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Established On:
 May 22, 1933
FDIC Certificate Number:
Total Assets:
Deposit Insurance:
Community Bank:
Institution Class:
 Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)

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5.5/10 24 Ratings
Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:May 19, 2020

Promised tel # not avail

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:April 25, 2020

What is the drive through hours of operation?

Reviewer:Tadeusz zablocki
Date:April 23, 2020

Where you can open cd

Reviewer:Pat mathews
Date:April 9, 2020

Are you open normal hours April 9 2020

Reviewer:Christopher Martin
Date:Jan. 20, 2020

Good services

Reviewer:Daniel Kelly
Date:Dec. 7, 2019


Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Nov. 12, 2019

2 checks missing Oct. 22

Date:Oct. 27, 2019

Brambleton Branch has closed.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Oct. 8, 2019

This branch has closed.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Oct. 3, 2019

Excellent bank

Reviewer:Mary Allen
Date:Sept. 27, 2019

Why are there no branches for this bank but hundreds of ATM?

Reviewer:Donna Celestine
Date:Aug. 14, 2019

No one asnwered the phone.Just terrible service

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Oct. 5, 2018

No Branch Office in TN. Looking for a Jumbo CD near Area 37774

Reviewer:john white
Date:Oct. 4, 2018

when might there be a branch in indianapolis , indiana

Date:Oct. 3, 2018

Please build one near me I think you have came up with great idea I hope to see o lactation open near we will be watching. I suck at money managment. I want to learn hurry up her to my town .commerce bank had that come on in hang we dont care now it's like all banks you feel like it's a library or court room or am I aloud in here??? Banks should be looked forward to going to not dreading it

Reviewer:Dale Fletcher
Date:Oct. 2, 2018

Need phone no. For Az. 85737

Reviewer:Elizabeth mcConn
Date:Sept. 26, 2018

I have been using mobile deposit and one I inside one. I was on the way from. The doctor with vertigo with someone who drove me We stopped at the bank he had 2 separate deposit slips from my checking acct and one was cash They ask fro iD for all cash. Deposit Told him it was a new policy. Mobile deposit are great when I can’t
Drive. Think you shou send a letter or something to customers about new policy😁

Reviewer:Anthony Arriaga Jr
Date:Sept. 22, 2018

Made deposit today. Being the only one at the bank drive thru had to wait 15 min. for the teller.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Sept. 14, 2018

Why is it so difficult to open (Joint) 360 account

Reviewer:Marcia D Jay
Date:Sept. 14, 2018

This bank has no rights to closed my friend's account without permission as u think stole money from me as did not. I mailed that check. My friend's name is Ikedichi Humphrey who has banking at this bank. I wrote a check($25,000) to my friend for purchase a car for me. The check was cleared at my bank with no problem which mean I did have enough to cover it. My friend's account need to be open as I claim it as it is okay for my friend to receive it and so I can receive the car from my friend. Need to be release within 48 hours please as I don't want my friend worried that unable access account. As I heard you guys refuse to do that and I did have my bank call you to have my money back as you guys refuse to do it too. Tired of mind games going on. If you guys can't do that and will be lawsuit against you. This is a warning. Please email me at as I will give you my account information so you guys can transfer.

Reviewer:Alfred Lorenz
Date:Sept. 8, 2018

Sehr verehrte Damen und Herren,
Von der Zentralbank von Nigeria Dr. Godwin Emefiele, Exkutiver Gouverneur, wurde mir mitgeteilt, dass ich bei Ihnen ein Konto mit den Daten
Route-Nr.- 1111 04879
ACCT.-Nr. 5732000706 besitze.

Ich bitte um Bestätigung und Mitteilung, wie ich Von diesem Konto Geld auf ein deutsches Konto überweisen kann.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Alfred Lorenz

Reviewer:Alex Lerman
Date:Sept. 4, 2018

I have been a capital one bank customer about 5 years. Friendly bank . I asked the bank manager why is this branch is closing. The bank manager said corporate office is rollback . On location and the building leases r coming up . My other question is what date is new bank taking over capital one bank.

Reviewer:Sue pitcher
Date:Sept. 4, 2018

On Saturday September 2nd I entered my government issue debit MasterCard , to draw money. Your ATM machine took my card and never returned it. There is over $600 on it. I am very upset that all my money is tied up. I'm a senior who lives off my Social Security money. I demand to know how to get my card back. Also I will be at your bank in the morning.
Thank you .
Susan Ann Pitcher

Reviewer:Karen Brewer
Date:Aug. 18, 2018

Great bank! Good people! What more could I ask for?

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Aug. 1, 2018

Is this a drive-thru ATM?

Reviewer:Ivonne Bas
Date:July 26, 2018

I'm so sad that this branch is going to close soon.. I will miss the service of some wonderful people there.. You should be proud to hv them as yr employees.. bcs they are so experienced & great with customers..
My special thx tp: Hamzah, Raena & Richie fr their great service..
Hope success & bright future always with them wherever they go..

Reviewer:Gale Vanore
Date:July 23, 2018

I would like to compliment Victoire Lawoo, one of your branch associates. Your Bethpage branch closed in April, and I had to close my safe deposit box prematurely. I had never received a refund for the balance of my rental fee. Ms. Lawoo not only ably assisted me, but she was both professional and poised. Saturday hours were coming to a close, yet she made me feel like she had all of the time in the world!

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:July 16, 2018

I'm trying to get a card and I REALLY DON'T have a BANK in MY area... so what can I do

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:July 12, 2018

I made a deposit with 2 checks , teller messed up and it's been over a week still not have my money refunded to me.
Bank manager at this branch is giving me the run around. NEVER going to this branch ever again.
My next step FNP

Date:July 9, 2018

The bank teller, Veronica, at Capitol One branch on 333 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA is racist and insulting. After reviewing my ID, obtaining my account number, she keeps on asking me to spell my last name. I feel insulted as of I am going to school to learn to spell my name.

Date:June 30, 2018

I went into the Vista Ridge/Lewisville location Friday, June 29, to open a checking account. I had a fairly large check to deposit, and was interested in opening accounts with this bank, after over 20 years with a different bank. There were very few people on the bank, didn't appear go be the slightest bit buzy. I was told to have a seat, and someone would be right with me. Over 15 minutes passed, while I witnessed employees standing apparently idly behind the counter. Maybe it's that they couldn't help me? No explanation was given, so I finally got up to leave, in full view of the employees. No one attempted to stop me, not a word of " we'll be with you shortly", "sorry for the wait", nothing. Was it because I'm disabled? I came in on crutches. Or was it the age old discrimination of me being a woman ?

Reviewer:Robert Prestifilippo
Date:June 27, 2018

Are you closing the Drive Thru Teller Window permanently?

Reviewer:Marcia Jay
Date:June 18, 2018

I have complaint about you guys hold my friend's account as u think he stole money from me as it is not. My friend's name is Ikedichi Humphrey who has banking at Eldridge Branch in Houston, Texas. The bank address is 2540 Eldridge Parkway, Houston, TX 77082. I wrote a check($25,000) to my friend for purchase a car for me. The check was cleared at my bank with no problem which mean I did have enough to cover it. I need you to release my friend's account as I claim it as it is okay for my friend to receive it. Please release my friend's account so I can receive the car from my friend. Need to be release within 48 hours please as I don't want my friend worried that unable access account any longer. If u can't solve this as I will have my bank order you give back my money. Thank you P.S. Please email me.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:June 5, 2018

horrible get real people to answer the phones

Reviewer:Walter Evangelista
Date:June 3, 2018

How dare you close your White Plains branch down, with no explanation. I'm switching to Chase, or better yet, HSBC.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:May 18, 2018

Does Capitol One accept Discover Credit Cards for a cash advance?
Thank you for a quick reply

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:May 7, 2018

You should probably remove this. The branch closed over a year ago.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:March 20, 2018

staff always very helpful and pleasant!
I live in Bridge City and since they closed our Branch down I have to go to Port Arthur. But the staff is always great and welcomes me and they make everything really easy for me so I never have a problem when I go

Reviewer:Hui Altman
Date:March 12, 2018

Terrible experience with this bank Larchmont NY branch, teller, Taylor Morgan and its manager, Matthew Harms who are dishonest, abusive, unprofessional and lake of basic human decency. Do not bank here! Be very careful with this teller!

Reviewer:Mary Perica
Date:Feb. 15, 2018

Having trouble accessing my account from my home in Israel. Need to talk to someone to be sure the account is secure and to regain access. Please answer...

Date:Feb. 8, 2018

I love the bank,never had a problem

Reviewer:Muqdad Nafea Ebaido
Date:Feb. 5, 2018

La Banque Centrale des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (BCEAO)

Attn: Mr. Muqdad Nafea Ebaido,

I have contacted the bank in New York and the director told me that why the validation fee was reduce is as a result of the new law impose to all the banks in United States, you should also understand that the bank has many workers. The first banker name which you would have made the payment has been move to another branch and that is the reason why they gave you another new cashier name. Do as the bank has directed you so that they can validate your address and complete everything about your inheritance fund release.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Director: Dr. Adaya Opanka
Adresse : Rue Abdoulaye FADIGA
Boîte Postale : 01 BP 120 Lomé 01
Téléphone : (228) 99 25 94 12
Télécopie :(228) 22 01 74 01

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Jan. 23, 2018

The manager at this branch Nick Sookraj is very unprofessional , He was staring at my breast the whole time I was asking him questions in regards to my account I was opening . He made me so uncomfortable , I will never return to this branch again .

Reviewer:Dr. Akber
Date:Jan. 19, 2018

Please open a branch in Cleveland or nearby by.

Date:Jan. 16, 2018

North Brunswick branch closing permanently January 27, 2018.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Dec. 16, 2017

The employees at this bank branch believe that pleasing their customers means they have to fall all over themselves trying to be friendly and talkative. They end up being unprofessional and fawning over their customers, which is very annoying. Although I live close to this branch, I much prefer going to another branch where the staff is more professional.

Reviewer:Kristopher Mendoza
Date:Nov. 9, 2017

Se puede hacer pagos de la tarjeta de crédito en otros establecimientos q no sea la misma agencia en él estado de georgia.

Reviewer:Shamika McLean
Date:Nov. 7, 2017

Ive lost my wallet with my id in it yesterday i was wondering if i can get a replacement of my bank card

Reviewer:Peter Harris
Date:Nov. 2, 2017

Very good features with this bank.

Reviewer:Jeanne Evans
Date:Oct. 13, 2017

I tried to deposit two checks today around 2:30. There was only one person working and she had a customer. I never saw another person to ask about making a deposit.
I waited 15 minutes before I left without being serviced. I do not know how to work the machines in the bank!
I have been banking with Capitol One for 30 years, but I will most likely change to a bank that has actual tellers. Machines do not replace people when you have a question about your account!

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Sept. 19, 2017

poor customer service !!!!

Reviewer:J Perkins
Date:Sept. 5, 2017

Today is 9/05/17 and the bank is closed. Why, didn't someone put a note
on the door for it's customers as to why you are closed. After all no one
lost electricity so I called and talked to someone at a associate bank and
after I waited few minutes then the clerk hung up on me.I called back and
held and talk with a clerk (Gary) that was most helpful......J Perkins

Reviewer:Janis Hochman
Date:July 16, 2017

I am writing about my upset with Capitol One. Please ask Mrs. Rubin to look at this email. In April, 2017 I was not able to access my online Personal Banking. I had to go into the branch at Georgia Ave, ZIP 20910. It near another one; I am sorry. However, Ms. Rubin and Ana are at that specific branch. I was kindly told that there was a mechanical problem and not one person could access their account. Ms. Rubin fixed it.

Now, AGAIN, I have the same problem. I am : janisjazz8201 USER NAME.



Reviewer:Mohammad rafiq Khan
Date:June 20, 2017

Extremely helpful particularly the chat

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:June 2, 2017

Line is always to door. Be prepared to stand in line for 15 to 20 minutes! Always one or two tellers helping customers...even on Saturdays. Other personnel greets people at the door. Why doesn't the "greeter" go behind the counter and help customers when the line of customers is to the door???? "The System" is frequently down so no money can be withdrawn. What kind of bank doesn't give a customer access to their money????

Reviewer:Velma Steward
Date:April 10, 2017

I need fax number to Dowlen road branch

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:March 16, 2017

Teller's can be somewhat rude at times.

Reviewer:Edward Kilcullen
Date:March 10, 2017


I was sorry to see this branch close. I am looking for a manager who used to work at this location. Unfortunately, I don't remember her name, but I do remember that she was from a Caribbean island, perhaps Trinidad and Tobago.

I was very pleased by her professional efficiency in the past, and I would be willing to travel to her current branch to bank with her again. If you have info on where she is currently working, I would most appreciate it. Thank you. Ed Kilcullen

Reviewer:Mary Bill
Date:Oct. 8, 2016

What is the Bank Routine number???

Date:Aug. 19, 2016

Is the bank open for business on Vincent road, in Denham springs, La?

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Aug. 6, 2016

This branch has been closed permanently.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Aug. 6, 2016

This branch has been closed permanently.

Reviewer:Claudia Scott-Davis
Date:Jan. 8, 2016

The team is so very pleasant and cooperative....Love it!!!