Banks & Credit Unions in Salt Lake City, UT

64 Financial Institutions with 195 Branch Locations in Salt Lake City, UT
Financial Institution
# of Branches
America First Federal Credit Union10
American Express Bank1
American Express Centurion Bank1
American United Federal Credit Union5
Associated Federal Employees Federal Credit Union2
Bank of the West3
Bank of Utah2
Banner Bank1
Beckstrand and Associates Credit Union1
BMW Bank of North America1
Brighton Bank3
Celtic Bank1
Chartway Federal Credit Union2
Chase Bank17
Chevron Federal Credit Union1
Comenity Capital Bank1
Continental Bank1
Cyprus Federal Credit Union4
Delta Community Credit Union1
Deseret First Federal Credit Union1
EnerBank USA1
Firefighters Credit Union1
First American Trust1
First National Bank of Layton1
First Utah Bank3
Franklin Templeton Bank and Trust1
GE Capital Bank1
Gibbons and Reed Employees Federal Credit Union1
Goldman Sachs Bank USA1
Granite Federal Credit Union2
Health Care Credit Union2
Hi-Land Credit Union1
Holladay Bank & Trust1
Home Savings Bank1
Liberty Bank1
Local Union 354 IBEW Federal Credit Union1
Marlin Business Bank1
Meadow Gold Employees Credit Union1
Medallion Bank1
Morgan Stanley Bank1
Mountain America Federal Credit Union8
National JACL Credit Union1
OneWest Bank1
Optum Bank1
P&S Credit Union1
Sallie Mae Bank1
Security Service Federal Credit Union3
Tanner Employees Credit Union1
Teamsters Local #222 Federal Credit Union1
The Pitney Bowes Bank1
Transwest Credit Union2
UCB Credit Union1
University First Federal Credit Union6
U.S. Bank17
Utah Federal Credit Union1
Utah First Federal Credit Union2
Utah Power Credit Union2
Varian Federal Credit Union1
Washington Federal5
Wells Fargo Bank26
Zions First National Bank19