Abacus Federal Savings Bank

5518 8th Ave, New York, NY

Brooklyn Branch
10/10 1 Rating
 5518 8th Ave
 New York, NY 11220
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 (718) 972-8257
 (909) 279-0478
Lobby Hours
Mon:08:30 AM - 03:00 PM
Tue:08:30 AM - 03:00 PM
Wed:08:30 AM - 03:00 PM
Thu:08:30 AM - 03:00 PM
Fri:08:30 AM - 03:00 PM
Established On:
 Nov. 29, 1984
FDIC Certificate Number:
Total Assets:
Deposit Insurance:
Community Bank:
Asset Concentration:
 Commercial Lending Specialization
Institution Class:
 Savings association, state or federal charter, supervised by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)
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10/10 1 Rating
Reviewer:Jacky Tomlnson
Date:Jan. 8, 2018

I have the pleasure of looking at the founder of the bank, Mr. Sung right now. I can see the light in his face and the love for his family and pride in his business. It is an honor to share space with you and your wife and daughter Vera right now. You are an incredible inspiration. Thank you to your whole family for being who you are and offering this wonderful community bank.

Date:Jan. 3, 2018

Im so sorry the way were treated during the bank scandals. Please accept my apologies for the way you were treated.

It was only today that l watched the story about your bank.

I cannot with good conscience not tell you as an American this should never happened.

I would gladly open an account at your bank if l lived in New York City.

Again accept my apology. Bless your family and your bank.