M&T Bank

2637 Brandermill Boulevard, Gambrills, MD

Waugh Chapel Branch
4.5/10 22 Ratings
 2637 Brandermill Boulevard
 Gambrills, MD 21054
 Large Map & Directions
 (410) 451-9726
Lobby Hours
Mon:09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Tue:09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wed:09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thu:09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Fri:09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Sat:09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Established On:
 Jan. 1, 1856
FDIC Certificate Number:
Total Assets:
Deposit Insurance:
Community Bank:
Asset Concentration:
 Commercial Lending Specialization
Institution Class:
 Commercial bank, state charter and Fed member, supervised by the Federal Reserve (FRB)

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4.5/10 22 Ratings
Reviewer:sandra perez
Date:March 2, 2023

open cuenta

Reviewer:George Seneviratne
Date:Jan. 24, 2023

Customer service of Kevin is terrible! disgusting!

Reviewer:George Seneviratne
Date:Jan. 24, 2023


Reviewer:Norma. Hitchins
Date:Aug. 4, 2022

My Bank

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:April 26, 2021

drive thru machine is mounted too low, cant reach without difficulty!!

Date:Oct. 15, 2020

this branch has been closed for years but yet M&T keeps the listing posted. Typical of their "customer ervice"

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Sept. 26, 2020

This bank lacks Customer service skills, BIG TIME!!!

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:July 29, 2020

Terrible local branch bank. Beware change your mailing address without your request.

Date:Jan. 25, 2020


Reviewer:Eugene orlensciana
Date:Oct. 22, 2018

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Date:Oct. 8, 2018

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Reviewer:Lindsay G Halpin
Date:Oct. 1, 2018

I had an awful mishap happen when the ATM misread some of the numbers in the account number of a settlement check I deposited. The Branch Manager of the bank I opened my account with somewhere around 7 years ago wasn't really willing to assist me so I went to the Branch I usually work with. The Branch Manger, Assistant Branch Manager and another banker named Mike jumped on the case immediately making phone calls, covering fees that were hitting my account due to the check being rejected and resolving the issue. Never have I had anyone work so hard to help me and here I had 3 outstanding, caring individuals. Thanks to them I will continue to be a customer of M & T Bank, but you must know that they are the ONLY reason I will stay. They should be commended. The Branch is located at 3401 Erie Boulevard in Dewitt/Syracuse NY

Reviewer:Carol A Gallo
Date:Sept. 21, 2018

The service or lack of service at this branch is very poor. Time after time there is only one teller to service both the lobby and the drive in. Today I wanted to exchange $160.00 in assorted bills for $20.00 bills. Had to give an account number and debit card. After four minutes I got angry and said what is going on, just give me my money I was asked to be patient, I said by the time I get my money it will have earned interest, The employees are nice the rules ridiculous, I worked in a bank for a lot of years never saw anything like this.

Reviewer:Cricket Jennings
Date:Aug. 30, 2018

Hi. Awful experience as I inquired on M&Ts first home buying program and was directed to Elayn DiNardo ( married now to Fasto as the bank rep informed me)
Well unlike her last name would imply she is anything but fast and also intelligent. She speaks a terrible version of English and has difficulties understanding common mortgage terminology like amortization? Ridiculous to have an uneducated individual working in this important position. I decided to use my hospitals credit union since I am a PA and received a quick approval
Attractive rate and a$1000 refund applicable towards any fees. M&T s loss!

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Aug. 29, 2018

We have been with this branch of M and T for 40 years, We hear bad things about the management of this branch and were advised by various friends who we know who banked here to with to another bank, or else go to the Harlem branch.

Someone who worked there and helped us for twenty years with kindness and competence was fired. This upset us a lot and we will be switching either branches or banks. It's sad as it used to be excellently run for years.

Reviewer:Frances Veit
Date:Aug. 11, 2018

The purpose of this email is to advise the management of M & T in Rockaway that I am so very very pleased with assistance and guidance I received from Miranda Feti. My husband passed away less than three months ago and I have been overwhelmed with paperwork and decisions. She was wonderful at a time when I really needed help. I can't tell you what her attention and kindness meant to me and to my family. Thank you

Reviewer:Robin Wright
Date:Aug. 7, 2018

I used too BANK with MT& T TREAT U LIKE

Reviewer:Gary Young
Date:July 23, 2018

What is the process to add another person's name to my account . Thank you

Reviewer:Douglas A. Koeppen
Date:July 23, 2018

July 23,2018,I attempted to deposit a $25.00 check made out to an organization that I belong to and happen to be the finance officer.The check was endorsed to deposit only to the account of that organization.I have no idea what the problem was,but the branch manager had to help the teller and I was eventually asked for my driver's license and phone number.My organization also has a CD with this bank.I have had nothing but problems with M&T bank since taking over Hudson City Savings.I was simply depositing a very small check to the account of payee.Well,if things do not improve,and improve quickly with my service,I will be forced to take the business to another facility.As a former 9 year employee with the Federal Reserve Bank in NY and a retired Police Chief I think my service this morning was very poor.,to say the least.

Reviewer:ernestine green
Date:June 1, 2018

The workers at the Niagara Street Tops market branch are very condescending to your clients. I only go there when it is totally necessary and each time has been negative. I suggest some training to be respectful to all. thank you.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:April 7, 2018

I have dealt with Shannon from the Riverhead branch on the phone and she was extremely nice and helpful. She has always helped me in more ways than one. Thanks Shannon.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:April 5, 2018

This bank is very difficult to deal with.
It is impossible to reach a live person on the phone.
Ordering checks is frustrating unless you personally stop in a branch.
They are constantly asking for ID when cashing checks even though we have been banking at M&T for quite sometime.
If it wasn't a hassle to have our direct deposit changed to another bank we would move our checking account.
We refuse to open a savings account with M&T.

Reviewer:Heinz Ehrmann
Date:March 22, 2018

i transfered Euro ten days ago to M+T bank Buffalo Fountain Plaza branch one from Turkey .The receiver could not get the transfered amount yet. Account Number 9874445530 Who can help me? Not possible to get in touch by phone or mail.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:March 16, 2018

Worst branch . I was just waiting and employee were talking loudly in their on language which was so annoying . I feel like I am in different country . I will sure change my location to use M&T . Inspite all this the lady All the way in last corner who helped me was very helpful and cooperative. She knows how to give exceptional service to their customer . Really thankful to her who knows all product and helped me outstanding .

Reviewer:Frances Buckle
Date:March 10, 2018

I would like to know if you have any reloaded credit cards
It a credit card where you add money onto it. Is there a way you can send me one
Thank yoi Frances Buckle

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:March 1, 2018

My mother-in-law has been a M&T customer for more than 20 years and had the most unethical experience ever at this location. We had initially called and spoke with George to schedule an appointment and what the visit was for. Upon arrival, my mother-in-law was not only looked down upon due her limited English, but was unethical asked if she was an U.S Citizen and accused of how she was able to obtain her tax ID. There was no need for George to have asked that question as it was irrelevant to the situation and should not have accuse her for suspicion as there was no need for the matter. We had already spoken on the phone prior to her visit and should have just provided her the service she needed to get done. She left the branch emotionally and mentally traumatized by her experience with George. She ended up going to a different M&T branch and her business was taken care of within minutes. The upper levels should really look into their employees and their unethical customer service.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Feb. 24, 2018

Very Poor management. Manager is always stepped out from this branch. I went few times at this branch and middle teller always be in cell phone. I was waiting and teller in the end she was very nice. She acknowledged me and also in drive thru windows. People are waiting in line but the teller in middle was ignoring them and busy with her own things. Manager or supervisor has to keep eye on this. One teller working very hard and others are not .This is so unfair . Very poor customer service. I also tried in drive thru window and same experience i had.The lady who is working as a teller in the end is very nice and hard working. Very thankful to her who always go above and beyond of my expectations. I do not remember her name but she is a part time employee. i would suggest if you have to go in this branch just ask her to help as she knows what she is doing. She has all type of knowledge about banking. If she is not there i would rather change my bank .

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Jan. 31, 2018

put phone # on page for this branch

Reviewer:Maria E. Sara
Date:Jan. 18, 2018

A complaint, NOT for Lea Blvd. branch, which I used while I was in Wilm., Brandy- wine Hills Apts. Problem: Nov 2017 my debit card was stolen while in Tanzania, E. Africa. I reported and I locked my account #9865948773, savings#15004234749363. Was told new card sent to me in Tanzania to son's office at the United Nations. I DID NOT RECEIVE THE CARD. Kept online&acct. locked while waiting for card. I NEED ACCT. OPENED so I can pay bills by check and use ATM here in Africa to pay for DIABETIC MEDICATIONS. It was not opened when I asked! I am diabetic I need meds. I need access to my money! PLEASE RESPOND TO TELL HOW YOU CAN HELP ME. I am really desperate. Please respond! Thank you.

Date:Jan. 14, 2018

read the reviews and was I shocked. The Monroe, NY branch is awesome. I am a small account customer, but I am treated like royalty by all of the staff including the manager. Seems to me that most of the negative reports here are from outside of New York. What does that tell you?

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Oct. 18, 2017

The teller was very helpful and answered every question with a quick answer with no deception of the response.

Reviewer:Christine C
Date:Aug. 16, 2017

Worst incompetent, discourteous bank--made a special in person visit to refinance & was promised an agent would call which NEVER HAPPENED. I have several properties & would never recommend this uncaring bank to anyone. Absolutely no valid reason to ignore a customer who has an existing mortgage with this lousy bank.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Aug. 9, 2017

why don't you have your phone number on the web site

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:July 24, 2017

Recently had an overdraft charge for $38.50 fo a$2.17 deficit . This seems so wrong. Otherwise this bank is very reliable and good to work with.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:July 21, 2017



Reviewer:Rosario Quiam
Date:July 17, 2017

I am not a computer savvy patron, trying to find the telephone number for the M & T bank of the above address/branch but nowhere to find!!!! I have some important question & can't go to the above bank.

Date:May 26, 2017

A few weeks ago I went to this branch and wanted to cash my check from my employer which it is drawn out onto MT Bank. I expressed that I wanted to do so to the fact that I didn't want to have to wait for it to clear in my account at my bank and I informed the teller that I was trying to pay my sons rent who is in college and it is me the single dad that is funding his education,anyway the teller proceeded to hold on to my check and ID which they believe it or not they helped me out in the past then she took my ID and check around the corner and her and her manager still held on to it staring at me then asked me to come have a seat and reached for the phone why I don't know at that point for some reason I felt somewhat profiled which I didn't like and felt embarrassed so I then at that point I asked for my check back and decided to leave because that teller and bank manager made me feel like I had done something wrong, so with all that being said I did not like the way I was treated at this branch and would not suggest anyone to bank here or even ask them for help if you were being mugged in front of their bank.

Reviewer:David M. Gareett
Date:May 6, 2017

Need branch in Myrtlebeach S.C.

Date:May 4, 2017


Date:April 26, 2017

We became M&T customers when they took over the Hudson City branch in Flemington, NJ several years ago. We have over $300,000 on deposit at this bank in IRAs, CDs, checking, and savings accounts. As our Hudson City CDs mature, M&T has dropped the interest rates dramatically. We're retired and needed to move these matured CDs to a new bank paying higher rates. Also M&T is leaving Flemington and the closest branch will now be a 25 min. drive. So recently we delivered Transfer Request forms to M&T in Flemington to have four maturing IRA CDs transferred to our new bank, also in Flemington. After three weeks, two of the CDs have still not been transferred; the paperwork and checks have not arrived at our new bank, tho M&T claims to have mailed them. In the meantime we're losing interest on that money. Oh, and the other two CDs that WERE transferred to our new bank?...well M&T deducted $75 FROM EACH as a fee for mailing the check!! Greed, pure and simple. Seems there's no oversight on banks these days.

Date:Feb. 5, 2017

Overall good bank with poor & unpleasant customer service . Unprofessional behavior by Ratna M., Relationship Banker. Don't plan to use this branch again. She wanted to charge $10, for just a regular check in closing my CD.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Jan. 16, 2017

Excellent staff with Excellent customer service..!!

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Dec. 23, 2016

Even though the bank is using less tellers, my overall experience has been great. I recently moved all of my accounts there because the banks I used (wells and Bank of America) had no customer service whatsoever and seemed to only want to sell. This branch off of flower hill way knows a lot of their customers and makes them feel like family. I bank for the experience, not for the national presence.

Date:Dec. 14, 2016

Today 12/14/16 As of 2:30 pm after 3 phone calls and on hold for more than 30 minutes each time still can't get someone to help me. But tried a different option has if was interested for a mortgage someone picked up the phone in less then 30 seconds. It's a descrace.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Dec. 3, 2016

keep sat. open at least a half day's or we are checking out.

Reviewer:Jane Kulig
Date:Nov. 30, 2016

My experience with this branch, especially with the assistant manager was horrible, she stirred me in the wrong direction, she never told me that I was allowed now one withdrawal on my IRA's, no matter how many I have. Thanks to her now I will be paying a penalty for earlier distribution since I am not 59 1/2 plus 10%. Thank You assistant branch manager. Plus your attitude needs some adjustment.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Nov. 15, 2016

After having several very poor experiences with customer service at this bank I decided to finally write a review about them. Never in my life have I ever had a bad experience at any bank that I have dealt with. The tellers and people within the bank normally bend over backwards to make it a positive experience but not the case here. Sometimes you can chalk off poor service to a bad day either on your part or theirs but again this is definitely a pattern with this bank and I have every intention of pulling my account out of there very soon!

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Sept. 13, 2016

Went into branch to cash an M&T check from a friend. The bank manager insisted on charging $4 to cash the check. How do you quantify that? Was it worth $4 for the teller to open the drawer or pull out the cash or close her teller drawer? Of course not. They were cashing one of their own checks.
Just further proof that one need lie on his or her back to be a greedy whore

Reviewer:hope Marie haas
Date:June 15, 2016

I am very upset over the lack of respect given to their customers. I have had accounts here since I was 16, I'm now 40. These new people care nothing about having me as a customer. Sad when you are treated like you are just a dot at the end of a sentence. I will be removing all my accounts and the company accounts. I'm sure they will not notice or even care....