SECU Credit Union

1298 Cronson Blvd, Crofton, MD

5.4/10 7 Ratings
 1298 Cronson Blvd
 Crofton, MD 21114
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 (443) 584-3604
Lobby Hours
Mon:09:30 AM - 04:00 PM
Tue:09:30 AM - 04:00 PM
Wed:09:30 AM - 04:00 PM
Thu:09:30 AM - 04:00 PM
Fri:09:30 AM - 06:00 PM
Sat:09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Chartered On:
 Oct. 17, 1951
Charter Number:
Total Assets:
Deposit Insurance:
Number of Members:
 Rodney H Staatz
Member of FHLB:
Low Income Designation:
Institution Class:
 Federally Insured State-Chartered Credit Union
Access to Electronic Services
  • Audio Response/Phone Based
  • Home Banking via Internet Website
  • Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Mobile Banking
Credit Union Programs
  • Brokered Certificates of Deposit
  • Mortgage Processing
  • Approved Mortgage Seller
Electronic Services
  • Share Draft Orders
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Share Account Transfers
  • New Loan
  • e-Statements
  • Loan Payments
  • Member Application
  • Download Account History
  • Account Aggregation
  • View Account History
  • New Share Account
  • Bill Payment
Services & Products - Credit
  • Micro Business Loans
  • Participation Loans
  • Real Estate Loans
  • Overdraft Protection/ Courtesy Pay
  • Indirect Business Loans
  • Interest Only or Pymt Option
  • Indirect Consumer Loans
  • Micro Consumer Loans
  • Share Secured Credit Cards
  • Risk Based Loans
  • Credit Builder
  • Business Loans
  • Overdraft Lines of Credit
Services & Products - Depository
  • No Cost Share Drafts
  • Business Share Accounts
  • Share Certificates with low minimum balance requirement
Services & Products - Financial Education
  • Financial Education
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
  • First Time Homebuyer Program
  • Financial Counseling
Services & Products - Other
  • Student Scholarship
  • Insurance/Investment Sales
  • No Cost Bill Payer
Services & Products - Transactional
  • ATM/Debit Card Program
  • Money orders
  • No surcharge ATMs

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Rate This Credit Union:
5.4/10 7 Ratings
Reviewer:Agnes McCoy
Date:Sept. 28, 2018

Staff always courteous, patient and helpful.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:July 16, 2018

it would be better and helpful to provide local phone no. of branch where banking business is conducted on your web site instead of having to wait on the main no.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:June 28, 2018

Wonderful service. They are really efficient!

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:June 17, 2018

There is no SECU on the upper shore. We have to travel to Salisbury or Annapolis. 2 hr drive to access a branch.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:June 8, 2018

LaVale branch has HORRIBLE management. One manager talks to you like you are and idiot and doesn’t know what she is doing and the other one talks about herself and boyfriend and all the property they have. I could care less lots of many questions they ask you and push other things for you to open when you only want one thing. If I want other stuff I will tell

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:June 7, 2018

If I had known what it would be like trying to get to a person on the phone, I would never have dealt with SECU. SO MANY HOOPS TO JUMP THROUGH!!!! It's hardly worth it.

Date:June 2, 2018


Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:May 16, 2018

your telephone service is horrible and the website is even worse, i asked how come the branch phones where not available , they say security purposes well if you are asking a question who can see the person thru the phone ridiculous

Reviewer:S. Cortese
Date:May 15, 2018

I have been having issues with the ATM at Plumtree for 2 years. Spoke to several people the reply was it doesn't function when it's cold. REALLY.
Was told to call the number on the ATM machine for issues . THERE
IS NO PHONE NUMBER , besides it an SECU Issue. Since they put in the new ATM 2.5 -3yrs. there been issues. Wouldn't take a Federal , state or payroll check. Or its not working.
This morning 6:40AM once again it take one check that was deposited the second check it took didn't deposit receipt said need to contact this facility. WONDERFULL by phone that is a JOKE .!! Again trying to use ATM to save time not happening. I have to take off work go to facility to talk to a HUMAN BEING.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:March 16, 2018

My now ex husband and I have been affiliated with this bank for 15 years . I am a concerned patient and now on a fixed income . They have transferred money from checking to saving to enable garnishment .
I have had numerous times where they have charged fees after they have paid a large item and then represent item to incure a 30
Over draft . This credit union is sneaky and they are predators ! I would NEVER bank with them . If I could give “
0” stars I would . Be aware !!!

Reviewer:C. Dixon-Smith
Date:Dec. 16, 2017

My husband & I have been members since 2015 and we are very happy with the quality service we receive EVERY time we visit this branch and the Chadwick branch.

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:Sept. 14, 2017

I was on a business trip and was unable to have access to my own money because SECU systems were not working appropriately. I complained, went to the office, spoke to the Manager was assured this was a temporary problem and was fixable. I paid off my entire visa balance and SECU's records indicated that I still had a balance when I did not, it took 3 weeks to resolve that issue. I went on another business trip Sept 7, 2017 and again was unable to have access to my VISA credit card, my purchase was rejected. The hotel closed me out for $30 total bill for parking on my SECU visa, my hotel fees were paid on a separate credit card and SECU charged me an additional $140 for miscellaneous charges which the hotel can't verify. SECU refused to talk directly with the hotel to resolve it. SECU website did NOT show real time, and the charges on my account were not even accurate. I'm being instructed by SECU to dispute the "extra charges" and to wait 90 days to be refunded. Very poor service gets 1 star rating.

Reviewer:Charlotte Holland
Date:April 12, 2017

I have been with the Credit Union for over 20 Years. Long story but I will make this short my daughter total her car on 2/17/17 as of today they are STILL taking payments out of my payroll. My husband and I have spoken to just about everyone at SECU I was given a card from Carissa Driver she said it all will be taken care of. As of 4/6/17 I CALL the Warranty Company to Cancel the warranty. My car insurance company has paid SECU the money for my daughters car. But the Gap is still taking money out of my payroll and I have not been refunded any monies. I do not have any Phone number to call regarding the GAP company it is not on any of my paperwork. About to closed ALL of my accounts with SECU. Thank You for your time. Mrs Holland (443) 764-3627

Reviewer:Anonymous User
Date:May 31, 2016

The new system inside credit union i find to time consuming , voice is not very clear to hear teller and the printout of trans actions is too small of print and needs more spacing between lines (. It might be earsier to read ). When one usethe atm
out side its too sensitive to print on checks . This has happen numerous times with federal government checks and payroll checks. They are printed not hand written.