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If you read one article about credit card skimming, read this one

Written by on Jan. 8, 2018 in ATM.

Last update on July 8, 2018.

Card skimming is a huge problem for ATMs these days. They are hard to spot, hard to prevent, and oftentimes go unnoticed until the money is out of your account.

How it works.

Criminals use a small electronic device to steal information from your account when you use your credit card in a legitimate transaction. Oftentimes, this is a device they put on or in the ATM which reads your card when you slide it in.

It used to be that credit card skimmers were easy to find. Common ways to find them or get rid of them included pulling on the card reader, covering your hands when you type in the PIN, or even avoiding ATMs during the week.

Here's a video on credit card skimming by ABC news.

Modern day skimmers can be inserted into the ATM itself, making it next to impossible to find or see and use Bluetooth technology to send your credit card information to scammers that drain your bank account of money.

Here are some articles from two of the most common states for this kind of scam.


RFID SAFE Alpine Swiss Men's Leather Wallet Hybrid Bifold with Flipout ID to prevent near-field scanners from taking your credit card information when strangers walk past you. This is especially prevalent in trains or other tight locations where you need to squeeze by people.

This is technology-enabled pick-pocketing where they can take your money without ever touching your wallet.

How are we helping?

At Branchspot, we are committed to find the best financial institutions and services for you. As part of that, we want to help you protect your money. We've added ATM locations across North America recently and pull from several different data feeds for real-time updates on credit card skimmers. We are also working on a way for you to mark suspected ATM locations for credit card skimming.

This helps keep you safer by allowing you to use ATMs that are marked as safe by our data feeds and our other customers.


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